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Grain95 August 18 Performance Chart

2017/18 Grain95 program generates a final average return of $20.65 per tonne

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2017/18 Grain95 program generates a final average return of $20.65 per tonne

Performance of Local Grain Markets in 2018

Grain prices rebounded in late January and continued to rally through the first half of 2018. The basis and depreciation of AUD/USD spot rate have been responsible for the improvement in cash price based on the failed crops on the East Coast, and the requirement for supply replenishment of grain into the drought-ravaged regions through VIC, NSW and QLD. Futures in the first half of the year have been characterised by downward volatility stemming from the Chinese US-led tariff trade wars. The diminished size of the Black Sea crops plus dry weather across the US plains contributed to upside volatility of futures. The program capitalised on the swings in futures with call strategies until late June 2018.

Grain95 August 18 Performance

Grain95 As A 2018/19 Marketing Strategy

Both the 15/16 and 16/17 and 17/18 Grain95 programs performed strongly in comparison to local cash and pool markets and we will again be offering the program in 2018/19. We view Grain95 as one of many grain marketing options, is a proven strategy to diversify your portfolio, and should again be considered if you are looking to protect a minimum price while remaining exposed to potential upside in futures. However, this is not a product whereby you should market a large proportion (over 20%) of your grain and should be used in conjunction with other marketing strategies.

Grain Brokers Australia Marketing Products

Grain Brokers Australia has a range of products along with Grain95 that may be beneficial to your marketing program;

  • GrainAdvance is a cash advance product for wheat, barley, canola and lupins that pays 70% of grain value during harvest but allows you to sell at a later point in time up until September 30. This strategy allows you to receive harvest cash-flow but remain 100% unsold to capitalise on potential rallies in local markets. GrainAdvance proved to be the strongest marketing strategy this year.
  • GrainFlexi is a product recently offered that allowed contracting of wheat with the option of delivering either this year or next. Our flexi-season contract helps limit wash-out risk if production is not met during harvest, but can also allow you to take advantage of forward pricing by contracting again at harvest if values are higher.

How Grain95 Works

Grain Brokers Australia remit you 95% of the best brokered price on the day. The remaining 5% of the value is invested in Chicago derivatives providing the opportunity to capitalise on any upsides in grain markets.

Find out more

At Grain Brokers Australia we offer a diverse portfolio of grain marketing solutions that give you the opportunity to capitalise on market movements.

If you have further questions about our 2017/18 Grain95 program or wish to participate in one of our programs this upcoming season, please contact Matt Tolmachoff on 0418 790 042 or Sarah Woolford on 0455 111 779.

CBH Update – Litmus Barley & 14/15 Managed Pool Finalisation

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Litmus Barley – important information for 2015-16 deliveries – 

CBH has confirmed that it will continue to receive the Intergrain Litmus feed barley variety for the 2015-16 harvest and will extend this to all port zones (previously it was restricted to Geraldton port zone). However, there will be no niche segregations for this variety.

CBH will also continue to provide extended tolerance on loads above the 1% limit (or 1 grain in 100) for  coloured (blue) aleurone, dependent on the overall quality profile of the stack, as well as the seasonal conditions on the level being detected. Please note that there is no guarantee that CBH will be able to receive the grain if there is a high prevalence of blue aleurone.

It is anticipated that the industry will provide a clear direction for the Litmus variety to both growers and CBH prior to January 2016 to allow greater certainty for planning future seasons.

14/15 CBH Wheat Managed Pool finalisation –

The 2014/15 CBH Wheat Managed Pool has now been finalised with final payment made to growers this week. The CBH Managed Pool made a final return to growers of $300.11 (FOB) for APW1 ($277.95 FIS).

The average quality payment calculates at $4.06, meaning a final return of $304.17 FOB ($282.01 FIS) for the average grower. This compares to the initial Nominated Estimated Pool Return (NEPR) of $280 FOB ($258 FIS).

This season the CBH Managed Pool was exposed to the low prices prevailing during the June – October period, where the pool was required to make sales/hedge basis to stay within the pool mandate.

The CBH Managed Pool was further impacted by the global oversupply of wheat leading to an ultra-competitive export market during harvest, despite local grower bids remaining well supported as marketers competed to fulfil shipping commitments. This was unfortunately an impact of the April closure for this pool, as whilst the early closure returns value to growers sooner, this season it exposed the pool to the full effects of these market conditions. The 2015/16 Managed Pool will be opening for contracting later in May.

Information courtesy of the CBH Group.

CBH announces new APW1 grade for this harvest.

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APW1 grade this harvest

For 2014-15 CBH will be trialling an additional wheat grade APW1 –  Same specs as APW2 except for minimum protein 10.5%

The APW1 grade aligns to the Grain Trade Australia commodity standards and will be available across the state, open to all grain marketers as a common stack segregation.

APW1 will be available at all sites where there is an APW2 segregation

For the trial, you will only be able to optimise out of and not into the APW1 grade

APW1 will be included on CBH Standard Multigrade (MG) and Milling MG contracts from today.

CBH will apply APW1 to any existing APW2 MG contracts on request

Please refer to Media Release attached for further information – Media Release – CBH to trial APW1 grade this harvest

2014-15 Deferred Delivery contracts

CBH are currently offering the following for deferred delivery – (transfer and payment in July):

Wheat – all grades and port zones with +$5 carry premium

Barley  – all grades and port zones with +$5 carry premium

Canola – all grades and port zones with +$5 carry premium

Please note: CBH can also offer Deferred Payment – transfer now, pay July if required

Any questions on this information, please call our office on 08 9367 2866 to discuss.

AWB Season Starter Pool closes today – 28/05/14

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AWB will be closing their limited tonnage pre-harvest 14/15 Season Starter Wheat Pool today.

The APW2 EPR (Estimated Pool Return) is currently $345 with Pool costs capped at $29.44/tonne.

Payment Option – Distributions (2 of) with timing of them being –

  1. First distribution to be on 27th Feb 2015 with AWB targetting a 50% distribution.
  2. Second distribution will be finalised on 31st July 2015.

There is a guaranteed minimum Pool return for this AWB Pool of 85% of the EPR for the relevant grade spread.

For example. the Guaranteed minimum Pool return is $293 for APW2 (85% of $345).

Season Starter Wheat Pool participants can also apply for a Production Advance of $80/tonne to enable them to manage some early season cashflow.

Any questions, please call your GBA broker or the office on 9367 2866.

CBH Managed Pool Opens Today…

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The 2014/15 Managed Pool jointly managed by CBH & Plum Grove opened today and will close at this stage on 30th May.

  • Minimum contract size – 100 Tonne.
  • Delivery period – 1st Nov to 15th Jan 2015.
  • All standard grades accepted in the pool & Quality payments applicable on Milling grades.
  • Finalisation of the Pool will be April 2015.

For any questions on taking out a Managed Pool contract, please call the GBA office on 9367 2866.

Pool Update

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CBH have announced their Harvest Pool interest rate is down by 5 basis points to 4.87%.

Also the CBH Managed Pool, which is jointly managed with Plum Grove, will be opening on 19th May.

Finally, a reminder that any contracting for 14/15 canola on a certified basis with CBH will require their ISCC form to be completed to be eligible for the $7 sustainability premium.

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