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A national team with over 200 years experience

You are in experienced hands

Our national team has over 200 years of domestic and international grain marketing and trading experience. Our unique national team approach provides our members with valuable market insights to assist with the vital task of marketing their grain, and ensuring our members are confident of what to sell, when to sell, and how to sell.

We build strong partnerships

Our national team approach enables our brokers to frequently connect with growers online and through regular on-farm visits to gain valuable insights about the complexities of your business to ensure your needs are being met.

Membership Benefits

We aim to market your grain in the top 10% of grain prices

Access to expert advice

Access to expert advice

As a member, you will have unlimited access to our team of experienced grain brokers who provide personalised advice and support to help you market your grain and achieve your business goals.

Market insights & analysis

Market insights & analysis

Members gain access to exclusive market insights and analysis to stay informed about marketing decisions. These include daily price summaries and weekly strategy reports via SMS and email.

Personalised grain marketing

Personalised grain marketing

Our brokers help develop your personalised grain marketing plan, aiming to balance production risk exposure against maximising farmgate return. We work with growers to build a long-term sustainable business.

Trading & risk management

Trading & risk management

We provide members with a range of trading and risk management tools such as hedging strategies and forward contracts to help our members manage price risk and take advantage of market opportunities.

Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing

Members benefit from access to competitive pricing to help secure the best price for their grain. Set firm and indicative price targets, and we will monitor all markets to notify you when to sell, ensuring you don’t miss out on marketing opportunities.

Supply chain management

Supply chain management

Our experienced brokers can save you time by assisting with regulatory requirements and managing all grain deliveries and contracts, including logistics and transportation.

Calculate Our Impact

Calculate Our Impact

Our clients consistently receive above average prices for their crops.

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“Thanks to the excellent advice and strategic insights provided by Grain Brokers, I have been able to maximise my farmgate returns. I would highly recommend their grain marketing expertise to anyone looking to achieve similar results.”

Gordon - Kojonup, WA
Frequently asked questions

Help for New and Existing Members

What value does GBA add?

GBA provides valuable advice and support to growers to help them navigate the complex and volatile grain markets. Our experienced brokers are committed to working with growers to develop a personalised grain marketing strategy, ensuring that grain sales are within the top 10% of grain prices. On average, we add value of $35 per tonne.

What communication does GBA offer?

Every grower is assigned a dependable broker who serves as their primary point of contact. As a member, you have the privilege of contacting your broker anytime via phone, text, or email without any limit. Our goal is to visit you on farm and have a face-to-face catch-up with you once or twice a year.

What are the fees involved?

To become a member, we require an initial commitment payment. This is a credit which can be used for future sales. Once this credit is exhausted, members are charged a monthly brokerage fee that is discounted based on their membership agreement. The size of the initial investment is proportional to the total tonnage produced by the member, meaning larger producers must invest more upfront but receive greater discounts on their brokerage fees. For questions regarding pricing please call us.

Will grain be sold without my knowledge?

We always make sure to have a discussion with the grower before selling any grain (unless previously agreed on via a firm target). Our aim is to keep our growers informed and aligned, working together towards the same goals.

Will you handle contract administration?

Using grade arbitration, we can handle all contracts and nominations efficiently. Additionally, we are capable of creating EPR reports and conducting PPSR registrations for each contract to safeguard your interests until the settlement.

Do you offer spread trades?

GBA offers the option to facilitate spread trades among growers, when appropriate, to guarantee secure payment. This service is accessible to both members and non-members, for trading spreads on contracts or for arbitration purposes, in instances when a grower is unable to fulfill a contract.

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