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Grain Brokers Australia is an independent grain marketing service who provide trusted advice to growers on what to sell, when to sell and how to sell to maximise farmgate returns. Our experienced brokers are committed to working with growers to develop your personalised grain marketing strategy, ensuring you sell in the top 10% of grain prices.

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GBA provides valuable advice and support to corporate growers to help them navigate the complex and volatile grain markets. We strive to understand the complexities of your company to ensure your needs are being met. Receive regular and real-time strategic advice to help decrease costs and increase returns, while promoting consistent growth for your business in a cost-effective manner. We aim to balance production risk exposure against maximising farmgate return. On average, we add value of $35 per tonne.

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We aim to market your grain in the top 10% of grain prices

Access to expertise

Access to expertise

Unlimited communication to our team of experienced grain brokers who provide personalised advice and support to help you market your grain and achieve your business goals. Our brokers communicate with you online and through regular on-farm visits to gain valuable insights about the complexities of your company to ensure your needs are being met.

Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing

Access competitive pricing to help you secure the best price for your grain. Set firm and indicative price targets, and we will monitor all markets to notify you when to sell, ensuring you don’t miss out on marketing opportunities. On average, we add value of $35 per tonne and maximise returns on your investments.

Trade & risk management

Trade & risk management

We provide a range of trading and risk management tools such as hedging strategies and forward contracts to help growers manage price risk and take advantage of market opportunities. We manage, facilitate, and execute all key paperwork including grain contracts, ISCC, PPSA registration and other regulatory requirements.

Financial strategy & budgeting

Financial strategy & budgeting

We help to develop your personalised grain marketing plan in line with your financial strategy and corporate investment goals. We provide futures and options brokerage for corporate investors and assist end-users in hedging future commodity purchases. Receive regular and real-time strategic advice to help decrease costs and increase returns, while promoting consistent growth for your business in a cost-effective manner.

Market insights & analysis

Market insights & analysis

Access exclusive market insights and analysis to stay informed about marketing decisions. Receive our daily price summaries via SMS and email to keep you informed about old and new crop markets, grades and port zones, and top daily prices. Our weekly strategy report summarises and simplifies domestic and global market insights and provides advice for your grain marketing.

Maximise supply chain opportunities

Maximise supply chain opportunities

We provide price discovery and a trading platform for sellers and buyers of most grain commodities in Australia. Through our subsidiary, WA Grains, growers can maximise supply chain opportunities. Benefits include:

  • Access to pricing and a wide range of domestic marketing options.
  • Price your grain direct into wholesale and export markets for high prices.
  • Access ex-farm, delivered end user, direct to port, and other logistic and transportation opportunities.
  • Advertise your price target daily to buyers.

“We are pleased with the level of expertise that GBA brings to the table in terms of knowledge and experience with global markets, shipping slots, and current trends, especially during these volatile times. With the help of their friendly and dependable brokers, and their customised platform for managing contracts, we feel confident in trusting GBA with marketing our grain and we will continue to use their services to support our business in the future.”

Ryan - Beacon, WA
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