Let’s grow together

A national team with over 200 years combined experience.

You are in experienced hands
When you join our team, you’re in safe and experienced hands. Our national team has over 200 years of Australia-wide domestic and international marketing and grain trading experience. Our unique national team approach provides our members with valuable market insights to assist with the vital task of marketing their grain, and ensuring our members are confident of what to sell, when to sell, and how to sell it.

We build strong partnerships
Our national coverage and whole team approach enables our Brokers to frequently connect with members through regular on-farm visits through
which we gain valuable insight about the complexities of the business to ensure all needs are met – all day, every day.

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A trusted partner

Helping you build a bright future

At Grain Brokers Australia we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner helping members build long-term sustainable businesses. We strive to build an understanding of your business and family needs and create grain marketing strategies to help you achieve your goals.

  • Access to our national team of experts with over 200 years of Australia-wide domestic and international marketing and grain trading experience all working to help you build a profitable and sustainable business.
  • Regular and real-time strategic advice so you can to decide when to pull the trigger on opportunities that best suit your individual needs.
  • Tailored grain marketing plan balancing production risk exposure against maximising farmgate returns.
  • Face-to-face connection with your broker through regular on-farm visits through which they gain real-time updates about your cropping progress, and any changes to your business needs.

Focus on what’s important to you

We save you time

  • Weekly strategy reports summarising global market prices, market trend, and provides predictions and recommendations for the season ahead so you can focus on what’s important to you.
  • Annual Harvest Manual with all the information such as location differentials, receival standards and site availability to get you through the most important time of the year.
  • Useful position reports capturing expected production, sales and current market values to demonstrate expected business revenue for the season.
  • Peace of mind through firm and indicative price targets meaning you set your price and we monitor all markets to notify you when to sell so you won’t miss out on a marketing opportunity.
  • The confidence you will get paid as we ensure all buyers are legitimate and committed to their obligations.
  • Grain quality optimisation advice that considers forward contracts and their spreads or views on future grain values helping you maximise your return.

Peace of mind on what to sell, when to sell, and how to sell it

Keeping you informed

  • Our live pricing platform keeps you informed of industry updates and up-to-date grainprices from all buyers and markets accessible via your phone or computer.
  • Receive daily morning and afternoon price summaries via SMS and email to keepyou informed about currencies, old and new crop markets, grades and port zones plusbest price public, private, or newly negotiated prices directly through our extensivenetwork of buyers.
  • Get a competitive edge to your business through exclusive access to off-sheetbids and ad hoc grain marketing opportunities.

Focus on what’s important to you

Let us take care of the paperwork.

  • Your personal broker takes care of the paperwork by managing, facilitating and executing your grain deliveries and contracts properly, helps you with End Point Royalty declaration, ISCC and any other regulatory requirements.
  • You have the confidence you will get paid with support chasing late payment, and receive your Recipient Created Tax Invoices for all grain sales.
  • We track and monitor your grain deliveries, quality, contract and paperwork in bulkhandlers and other independent storage operators.
  • We offer PPSA registration at no extra cost saving you the hassle of extra paper to ensure your grain is protected.
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