A local, expert broker working 100% for you

  1. Receive regular and efficient contact with a personalized and experienced grain broker.
  2. We do not receive any commissions from grain buyers or other companies when selling your grain and you can be confident we act for your best interest only.
  3. Pre/post-harvest grower meetings or on farm visits.
  4. You can rely on the Grain Brokers team to assist you in chasing late payments, clarifying contract details, and identifying site segregations.
  5. Whatever the issue, your broker will be at hand year-round to ensure your grain marketing is efficient, simple and, most importantly, successful.

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Grain Marketing & Planning

Grain Brokers aren’t after a single sale at the top of the market; instead we broker to ensure a positive bottom line for your grain marketing year-round. We’ll ensure to:

  1. Build an understanding of your business and family needs, create marketing plans that work to achieve those goals, minimise production risk and track your results through our Cropping Sensitivity Plans.
  2. Regular reporting of your expected revenue based on expected production, sales and current market values
  3. Understand where your price targets are in comparison to the current market and what decile the prices represent.
  4. Monitor debtors for timely payments and adverse warning signs.

Grain Sales & Brokerage

Grain Brokers facilitate the purchase and sale of your grain. We’ll act as the central communication point between buyers and sellers, working to negotiate best price out comes for you, and completing all transaction processes on the sellers behalf. We also:

  1. Work with growers to set target prices and then monitor these on your behalf to capture pricing opportunities in a volatile market place.
  2. From wheat to barley, canola to field peas, we will find the best market for you.
  3. Make you aware of ad hoc opportunities that present themselves to gain more farm gate value to your business.
  4. Never make a grain sale without your expressed consent, but once that is given, there is nothing more you need to do.
  5. Promise there will be no pressure for you to sell your grain – you decide when to pull the trigger.
  6. Access pricing and marketing options for the widest range of domestic markets.
  7. Price your grain direct into wholesale and export markets for higher prices.
  8. Be aware of exfarm, delivered end user, direct to port and other advantageous logistical opportunities.

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Market Analysis & Updates

  1. Access up to date grain prices from multiple buyers and markets at any time of the day on your phone or computer with our Live Pricing platform, which is one of the best of its kind in the industry.
  2. You won’t miss a limited time bid or site-specific price due to an outdated daily text.
  3. Get ahead of the market with daily prices across all season, grades, and port zones with graphical analysis, and weekly newsletters with national and international market news, the best sales of the week, plus profiles of other growers and crop conditions.
  4. Receive our annual harvest manual with all the information such as freight rates, receival standards and site availability to get you through the most important time of the year.
  5. Be the first to know of all the important updates in the industry including a wrap-up of each USDA report.
  6. Access our Market Report Summary and Strategy updated weekly.

Online Portal

  1. Keep track of all of your sales and cropping plans, your sold and unsold position, as well as your gross profit reports through the GBA Online Portal – your personal grain marketing filing cabinet.
  2. This actively brokered platform enables you to create price targets with your broker, record your results, and access each contract – ideal for your own records, bookkeeping, accountant or consultant.
  3. Thanks to our brokered price discovery platform and expert team we guarantee our members the best prices when they decide to sell
  4. Our team will assist in marketing your grain over the entire season helping you to maximise profits.
  5. You set firm and indicative targets so your broker can work to meet your goals.
  6. Link your grain direct to the buyers, no matter where they are located or how they buy.

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Harvest Administration

Think of us as a back office, saving you the hassles of dealing with your grain administration tasks. We’ll assist by:

  1. Managing, facilitating and filling your contracts properly all year round – taking care of the negotiation, contract records and transfer of grain to the best scenario, no matter the commodity or sale type.
  2. Monitoring your grain deliveries, quality, contracts, and paperwork in all bulk handling systems.
  3. Helping complete your End Point Royalty declaration, ISCC and any other regulatory requirements.
  4. Ensuring you are setup for payment, get paid on time and receive your Recipient Created Tax Invoices for all grain sales.
  5. Make use of our Marketing arm (WA Grains) to protect against buyer default.
  6. Allow our experts to optimise, arbitrate and nominate contracts to the best scenarios possible.
  7. Rely on the Grain Brokers team to ensure sellers are committed to their obligations and assist in chasing late payments, and clarifying contract details.
  8. Protect your grain through PPSA registrations.

Access to Domestic Markets

Grain Brokers Australia is very active in the domestic market. Through the use of a subsidiary company (WA Grains), GBA has access to a larger range of Domestic and Export Markets and can:

  1. Use the efficiencies of large volumes, logistical advantages and established relationships to get higher prices for GBA Members than what would otherwise be available.
  2. Credit Insure against counter-parties.
  3. Payment terms can be altered to suit the grower.
  4. Can participate in Domestic Markets while still delivering to CBH.

Additional Services

Random Tonnage Brokerage

GBA also offer a Random Tonnage Brokerage Service for non-members. A Random Tonnage Brokerage Fee per tonne applies to parcels sold.