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The Market Today

Market at a Glance

As at 5th Mar 2018
CBOT Wheat (MAY 18) 507.00
CBOT Wheat (JUL 18) 521.25
Kansas Wheat (Spot) 541.50
MGE Wheat (Spot) 629.00
CBOT Corn (Spot) 347.00
MATIF Rapseed  €351.75
ICE Canola (Spot) CAD $526.00
CBOT Soybean (Spot) 1074.75
AUD/USD (Spot) 0.7783
AUD/CAD (Spot) 1.0071


 2017/18  APW1


Weekly Wrap


Wheat has had a strong week with gains mostly coming from dry conditions continuing in the US Southern Plains. The rally has been one we have been patiently waiting for and expecting, especially with speculative funds trading so short for so long.

Graph: CBOT WHEAT ZWK18 AS AT MAR 5TH           


Bullish Factors

  • BULLS: Russia is exporting at a strong pace as weather remains favourable around Black Sea ports. Global demand is still very strong and just one serious weather or production hiccup should see prices rally in Chicago out of current record lows.

Bearish Factors

  • BEARS: USDA has increased global wheat stocks by 3 million tonnes to 268.42 million tonnes on the back of increased Canadian production. Australian wheat crop estimates were left unchanged at 21.5mmt.
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