Weekly Strategy Update 21/09/16 | Grain Brokers Australia

Wheat; Old crop; sell remaining tonnes. Look to lock in noodle spreads early, especially if no quality hiccups reported in WA. If cash flow dictates a need to sell, price average sales over the next 6-8 weeks. Basis likely to weaken once harvest is underway. Grain95 should be considered to lock in basis with exposure to international wheat rallies.  Wheat presents better cash sales opportunities than feed barley currently.

Barley; Sell Old crop; If looking at above average production continue to consider pricing a portion of your crop with farm gate margins in mind. Malt premiums are also worth fixing, season is looking favourable for malt so get some protection at current levels.

Canola; Continue to view as most favourable pricing opportunity. Growers will be viewing as cash crop off the header so protect against harvest pressure on price. Large Canadian crop likely to put pressure on canola.

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