After listening to the needs of our members, Grain Brokers Australia has expanded our portfolio of grower products. Our products are designed to maximise your farmgate returns and assist with your cashflow while giving you the chance to participate in extended grain marketing opportunities.

Grain Brokers Australia products are established and managed exclusively with the interest of our members at the forefront.


ProductBenefitsCommodityMin MtRiskPDF
Grain95 Opportunity to participate in international marketsWheat
100 mtLow
Grain Advance
Upfront cashflow (75%), gives growers the opportunity to capitalise on future pricing opportunities.ALL100 mtLow
Grain FlexiFreedom to deliver this year or the followingWheat250 mtLow
Grain Pay24 hours paymentALL50 mtLow
Grain PayDeferred (July) plus interestALL50 mtLow
Grain InsureProtects growers against insolvency and non-payment by the buyerN/AN/AN/A
Grain SecureSecured Creditor to protect income and farm profitsN/AN/AN/A
Grain Weather ProtectProvides members with crucial weather and crop performance information via an
App, giving you the confidence to manage your risk and know when to take out a Weather Certificate.
Grain Weather CertificateAllows members to establish their weather risk versus input investment
relative to the growing season on your crops.

Sarah Woolford is our Product Manager, with her expertise and knowledge our team will ensure that we maximise all the potential benefits for our grower. Should you have any questions regarding our products and services please contact Sarah Woolford in our Perth office 0n (08) 9367 2866.