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Grain Crop Yield Measurement

1. Count the viable stems per square metre approximately.

  • Measure 632mm along a crop row (approximately two good boot lengths or 1/10th of a square metre).
  • Count the strong viable stems in one row on the average of the growing area, multiply by ten = stems per square metre, do not count on headlands or double sown areas.

2. Count the number of grains per head.

  • Count the grain sockets along the side of the head length and multiply by the grains wide (subtract the top sockets from the count to establish an average as these will be lost in the harvest process). Only count the average sized grain heads.
  • Wheat will range from 5-12 grains high then multiply by the number wide on each side presenting on the head.
  • Barley will range from 5–16 grains high then multiply by two wide.

3. Estimated grain weight.

  • Use 33mg for wheat (approximate average of all current Australian wheat varieties).
  • Use 30mg for barley (approximate average all current Australian barley varieties).

4. The calculation.

(1. Stems per sqm) X (2. Grains per head) X (3. Grain weight)  / 100 000 = Grain Crop Yield mt ha

  • I.e Wheat 350 x 28 x 33 / 100 000 = 3.23 mt ha
  • I.e Barley 400 x 24 x 30 / 100 000 = 2.88 mt ha
Disclaimer: the measured outcome of the yield assessment is a guide only due to variability across assessments. Please ensure legal entry and consider biosecurity risks before entering any grain field. 
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